Professors and Fields of Study



Dr. Luiz Eduardo Oliveira e Cruz de Aragão

Field of Study: Remote sensing for studies of the effects of forest fragmentation

Ana Paula Madeira Di Beneditto Dra. Ana Paula Madeira Di Beneditto
Field of Study: Biology and conservation of living marine resources
e-mail: anapaula@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dra. Angela Pierre Vitória
Field of Study: Plant physiological ecology and environmental stress
e-mail: apvitoria@gmail.comCV Lattes
 Foto Dr. Gustavo Lazzaro Rezende

Field of Study: Ecology of insects – water relations of insect eggs

e-mail: ramon@uenf.brCV Lattes


 Dr. Carlos Eduardo de Rezende
Field of Study: Biogeochemistry of aquatic ecosystems
e-mail: crezende@uenf.brCV Lattes
 Dr. Carlos Ramon Ruiz-Miranda
Field of Study: Ethology and conservation of terrestrial vertebrates, with emphasis on mammals
e-mail: cruiz@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dra. Cristina Maria Magalhães de Souza
Field of Study: Geochemistry of heavy metals and environmental pollution
e-mail: Lattes
Dra. Dora Maria Villela
Field of Study: Nutrient cycling in coastal and terrestrial ecosystems
e-mail: dora@uenf.brCV Lattes
Foto Dr. Carlos Eduardo Veiga de Carvalho
Field of Study: Geochemistry of trace elements
e-mail: carvalho.cev@gmail.comCV Lattes
 Dra. Ilana Rosental Zalmon
Field of Study: Ecology of marine communities
e-mail:  ilana@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dr. Leandro Rabello Monteiro
Field of Study: Biometry and morphology of vertebrates
e-mail: lrmont@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dr. Marcelo Trindade Nascimento
Field of Study: Ecology of plant communities
e-mail: mtn@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dr. Marcos Antônio Pedlowski
Field of Study: Environmental planning and conservation
E-mail: pedlowma@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dr. Marcos Sarmet Salomão
Field of Study: Ecology of ecosystems and aquatic biogeochemistry
e-mail: salomaouenf@gmail.comCV Lattes
Dra. Maria Cristina Gaglianone
Field of Study: Biology and behavior of bees
e-mail: mcrisgag@uenf.brCV Lattes
Dra. Marina Satika Suzuki
Field of Study: Limnology and ecology of coastal lagoons
e-mail: marina@uenf.brCV Lattes
 Dr. Salvatore Siciliano
Field of Study: Ecology and Conservation of Mammals, Birds and Marine Turtles
e-mail: sal@ensp.fiocruz.brCV Lattes