Prof. Marcos Antônio Pedlowski

Acts mainly in the following areas: agrarian reform; environmental impacts associated with land use and change of vegetation with emphasis in the Brazilian Amazon; environmental conservation policies, and urban studies related to territorial and environmental planning.

Main publications

Estimates of selective logging impacts in tropical forest canopy cover using RapidEye imagery and field data
Ekena Rangel Pinagé, Eraldo Aparecido Trondoli Matricardi, Fabrício Assis Leal, Marcos Antonio Pedlowski
iForest, 2016

Assessment of tropical forest degradation by selective logging and fire using Landsat imagery
Eraldo A.T. Matricardi, David L. Skole, Marcos A. Pedlowski, Walter Chomentowski, Luis Claudio Fernandes
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2010

Revisiting Theories of Frontier Expansion in the Brazilian Amazon: A Survey of the Colonist Farming Population in Rondônia’s Post-Frontier, 1992–2002
John O. Browder, Marcos A. Pedlowski, Robert Walker, Randolph H. Wynne, Percy M. Summers, Ana Abad, Nancy Becerra-Cordoba, Joao Mil-Homens
World Development, 2008

Conservation units: a new deforestation frontier in the Amazonian state of Rondônia, Brazil
M.A. Pedlowski, E.A.T. Matricardi, D. Skole, S.R. Cameron, W. Chomentowski, C. Fernandes and A. Lisboa
Environmental Conservation, 2005

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