Prof. Carlos Ramón Ruiz

Animal behavior applied to conservation biology, animal reintroductions and translocations, wildlife management in captivity. Main research themes are social networks, personality, social learning and adaptation to new environments by terrestrial verterates.

Major publications

Degradation Characteristics of Golden Lion Tamarin Leontopithecus Rosalia Two-Phrase Long Calls: Implications for Call Detection and Ranging in the Evergreen Forest
Vera Sabatini, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda e Torben Dabelsteen
Bioacoustics, 2011

Re-introduction and translocation of golden lion tamarins, Atlantic Coastal Forest, Brazil: the creation of a metapopulation
Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda, Benjamin B. Beck, Devra G. Kleiman, Andreia Martins, James M. Dietz, Denise M Rambaldi, Maria Cecilia Kierulff, Paula Procopio de Oliveira & Andrew J. Baker
Global Re-introduction Perspectives, 2010

The Risks of Assisted Colonization
Philip J. Seddon, Doug P. Armstrong, Pritpal Soorae, Frederic Launay,  Sally Walker, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda, Sanjay Molur, Heather Koldewey, e Devra G. Kleiman
Conservation Biology, 2009

Tutoring in Wild Golden Lion Tamarins
Lisa G. Rapaport e Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda
International Journal of Primatology, 2002

Food Transfers in Wild and Reintroduced Golden Lion Tamarins, Leontopithecus rosalia
Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda, Devra G. Kleiman, James M. Dietz, Ezequiel Moraes, Adriana D. Grativol, Andrew J. Baker e Benjamin B. Beck
American Journal of Primatology, 1999

Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
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