Prof. Dora Maria Villela

The research lines are focused on productivity and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems, mainly in the following processes: biomass, nutrient cycling, carbon dynamics. Such studies have emphasized especially on the impacts of fragmentation, other anthropogenic disturbances, as well as on issues related to the effects of climate change on carbon storage and biogeochemical cycles in the Atlantic Forest.

Main publications

Forest resilience and tipping points at different spatio-temporal scales: approaches and challenges
Christopher P. O. Reyer, Niels Brouwers, Anja Rammig, Barry W. Brook, Jackie Epila, Robert F. Grant, Milena Holmgren, Fanny Langerwisch, Sebastian Leuzinger, Wolfgang Lucht, Belinda Medlyn, Marion Pfeifer, Jorg Steinkamp, Mark C. Vanderwel, Hans Verbeeck and Dora M. Villela
Journal of Ecology, 2015

Variation in floristic composition, demography and above-ground biomass over a 20-year period in an Amazonian monodominant forest
Marcelo T. Nascimento, Lidiany C. da Silva Carvalho, Reinaldo I. Barbosa e Dora M. Villela
Plant Ecology & Diversity, 2013

Carbon and nitrogen stocks and fluxes in coastal Atlantic Forest of southeast Brazil: potential impacts of climate change on biogeochemical functioning
Villela, DM.; de Mattos, EA; Pinto, AS.; Vieira, SA.; and Martinelli, LA
Brazilian Journal of Biology, 2012

Effect of selective logging on forest structure and nutrient cycling in a seasonally dry Brazilian Atlantic forest
Dora Maria Villela, Marcelo T. Nascimento, Luiz Eduardo O. C. de Aragão e Deborah M. da Gama
Journal of Biogeography, 2006

Leaf Litter Decomposition and Monodominance in the Peltogyne Forest of Maracá Island, Brazil
Dora M. Villela e John Proctor
Biotropica, 2002

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