Prof. Angela Pierre Vitória

Plant physiological ecology, with emphasis on 1) photosynthetic acclimation in response to light variation in tropical forests and 2) how plants adjust to environmental changes. The studies involve field, greenhouse and laboratory activities

Major publications

Metal phytoremediation: General strategies, genetically modified plants and applications in metal nanoparticle contamination
Maria Angélica da Conceição Gomes, Rachel Ann Hauser-Davis, Adriane Nunes de Souza, Angela Pierre Vitória
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2016

Using leaf d13C and photosynthetic parameters to understand acclimation to irradiance and leaf age effects during tropical forest regeneration
Angela Pierre Vitoria, Tatiane de Oliveira Vieira, Plinio de Barbosa Camargo, Louis S. Santiago
Forest Ecology and Management, 2016

Weak relationships between leaf phenology and isohydric and anisohydric behavior in lowland wet tropical forest trees
Nathalia da Silva Braga, Angela P. Vitoria, Gustavo Maia Souza, Claudia F. Barros e Leandro Freitas
Biotropica, 2016

Influence of ecologic type, seasonality, and origin of macrophyte in metal accumulation, anatomy and ecophysiology of Eichhornia crassipes and Eichhornia azurea
Angela Pierre Vitória, Jorge Luís da Silva Santos, Marcos Sarment Moreira Barros Salomão, Tatiane de Oliveira Vieira, Maura Da Cunha, Saulo Fernandes Pireda, Guilherme Rodrigues Rabelo
Aquatic Botany, 2015

Photoacclimation capacity in seedling and sapling of Siparuna guianensis (Siparunaeae): Response to irradiance gradient in tropical forest
T.O. Vieira, M.S.O. Degli-Esposti, G.M. Souza, G.R. Rabelo, M. DA Cunha, A.P. Vitória
Photosynthetica, 2015

Structural and ecophysiological adaptations to forest gaps
Guilherme R. Rabelo,  Ângela P. Vitória, Marcos V. A. da Silva,  Ricardo A. Cruz, Elis I. B. Pinho, Douglas R. Ribeiro, Anita V. Freitas, Maura Da Cunha
Trees, 2013