Prof. Cristina Maria Magalhães de Souza

The line of research has been focused on the biogeochemistry of heavy metals in aquatic environments including transportation in abiotic compartments,  exposure to biological systems and contamination of food items.

Main publications

Risk of ingesting As, Cd, and Pb in animal products in north Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil
D. Caldas, I.A. Pestana, M.G. Almeida, F.C. Henry, M.S.M.B. Salomão, C.M.M. de Souza
Chemosphere, 2016

Spatial-temporal dynamics and sources of total Hg in a hydroelectric reservoir in the Western Amazon, Brazil
I. A. Pestana, W. R. Bastos, M. G. Almeida, D. P. de Carvalho, C. E. Rezende e C. M. M. Souza
Environmental Science and Pollution Research International, 2016

Ecophysiological responses of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms to As5+ under different stress conditions
A.C. Meneguelli-Souza, A.P. Vitória, T.O. Vieira, M.S.O. Degli-Esposti e C.M.M. Souza
Photosynthetica, 2016

Isotopic profile and mercury concentration in fish of the lower portion of the rio Paraíba do Sul watershed, southeastern Brazil
Adélia R. M. Rocha, Ana Paula M. Di Beneditto, Inácio A. Pestana e Cristina Maria M. de Souza
Neotropical Ichthyology, 2015

Mercury Pollution in Brazil
Jerome O. Nriagu, Wolfgang C. Pfeiffer, Olaf Malm, Cristina M. Magalhães de Souza e Gregory Mierle
Nature, 1992

Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
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