The LCA has rooms for screening and sample preparation; centers for chemical analysis, molecular ecology, geoprocessing, and microscopy; greenhouses; an herbarium; an experimental ecology site; a beekeeping ranch; and an insectarium. The LCA also houses the Sector for Ethology, Reintroduction and Conservation of Wild Animals.

The LCA has rooms for screening and sample preparation; centers for chemical analysis, molecular ecology, geoprocessing, and microscopy
The green houses support projects involving biodiversity, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, botany, and plant cell biology, permitting the development of distinct plant species to be compared under diverse conditions.


  The herbarium houses collections and a database of the different physiognomies that occur in the north and northwest regions of Rio de Janeiro State, the only collected works of this type in the region, and supports studies in botany, plant ecology, and agroecology. The herbarium also includes a collection of Carpoteca seeds and dry fruits.   SERCAS provides not only a scientific breeding site with a capacity to receive wild animals but also rooms for physiological and behavioral experiments.
  The research infrastructure is increasing with the construction of a 450 m2 section of an experimental ecology facility, funded by FAPERJ.   One of the PPG-ERN studies researches the importance of agricultural pollinators.

Field Studies

The infrastructure for field studies includes research bases in conservation units in the coastal low land and in northern Rio de Janeiro State, such as the União Biological Reserve (Reserva Biológica, REBIO) and the Poço das Antas REBIO.

The União REBIO offers housing for PPG-ERN students and researchers, a basis for the realization of graduate courses, and a site where research projects are currently underway. The research projects include surveys of Chiroptera, estimates of occupation by mammals and frugivorous birds and their monitoring, the regeneration of native arboreal species of the Atlantic forest, and studies on plant ecophysiology, nutrient cycling, the ecology and behavior of the golden lion tamarin, vegetation structure, eucalypt management, and bee communities, among others.

Housing of the LCA at the União REBIO

Field Ecology students focused on a lecture by the manager of the União REBIO

Field lesson on quantifying litter

Field lesson on collecting samples

Field lesson, with students learning how to measure plots

Plot measurement by Prof. Marcelo Trindade

Field Ecology Class of 2012, with an employee of the REBIO explaining everything

Field Ecology Class of 2013, with happy people in the cold weather of the REBIO

Na Rebio Poço das Antas, são desenvolvidos projetos com ecologia e comportamento de mico-leão-dourado; fragmentação de Mata Atlantica, reflorestamento e saguis invasores, entre outros.

Mico-Leão-Dourado Fragmentos Florestais  Interação Mico-leão e saguis   Formação 1º Guarda Ambiental

Coastal Lake Projects and Coastal and Marine Ecosystems of the North and Northeast Regions of Rio de Janeiro State

The PPG-ERN research encompasses studies in biogeochemistry, including those on carbon cycles, metal intake, the terrestrial-marine interface, the ecology of mangroves, limnology, lake eutrophication, the ecology of macrophytes, the contamination of fishes and plants by heavy metals, communities of birds and fishes, the ecology of rocky coasts, trophic chains, and fishing dynamics, among others.

Iquipari Lake

Cima Lake


Measurement of bioincrustation

Artificial reefs

Beaches of northern Rio de Janeiro State

Carvão forest

Coastal lowland forests

Field Support

Activities performed within laboratory and field units are supported by specialized technical staff as well as equipment and supplies specific to the demands of the studies performed, including vehicles (boats and cars).

Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
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