The objective of the PPG-ERN is to train ecologists with a solid theoretical base, qualifying them to perform basic and applied scientific research. These ecologists will be apt to address regional and national environmental issues, propose solutions, address sustainable development, and share the knowledge acquired, based on the current tenets of the ecological view.


Master’s Student Profile


The master’s student should develop a contextualized environmental perception and understand the nature of ecological processes to use these concepts in the execution of his or her research projects, share the concepts with students, and/or apply them in pragmatic activities, public and private.

The master’s dissertation should be well-developed research from a methodological viewpoint and possess a strong theoretical or applied basis. At the end of the course, master’s students are expected to perform roles that are compatible with their academic education: satisfactorily performing activities related to the use, monitoring, and protection of the environment; elaborating scientific studies for specialized publications; and interpreting, evaluating, and proposing mitigating actions for environmental problems.

Doctoral Student Profile

Doctoral students should enhance their theoretical and methodological knowledge and develop skills as independent researchers, therefore becoming experts in their disciplines.

The doctoral thesis, in addition to meeting the requirements of the master’s degree, should be developed from an original question or hypothesis, about which the doctoral student shows technological and methodological proficiency as well as a capacity to identify theoretical problems and develop a research strategy. At the end of the course, the doctoral student is expected to use the knowledge acquired to propose new lines of research and elaborate innovative proposals compatible with scientific knowledge. This application of information should ensure the development of initiatives that aim to identify alternatives and solutions for environmental problems from within research and educational institutions and/or governmental or private organizations.

Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Recursos Naturais
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