Lines of Research/Projects

Three research lines are currently being developed in different projects at the Genetics and Plant Breeding Program: Plant Genetic Resources, Plant Breeding and Genomic Analysis. Each research line covers major topics as listed below.


Plant Genetic Resources

1.    Characterization, Evaluation and Use of Germplasm of Cultivated and Wild Species;;

2.    Germplasm Acquisition and Conservation.;


Plant Breeding

1.    Breeding for disease resistance;

2.    Perennial species breeding;

3.    Cereals, grains and biofuel Breeding;

4.    Special corn breeding;

5.    Horticultural breeding;


Genomic Analysis

1.    Proteomics and metabolomics applied to plant breeding;

2.    Genomics applied to plant breeding;

3.    DNA markers applied to plant breeding;

4.    Biochemistry of the plant pathogen interaction;

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