Lines of Research/Projects

Three research lines are currently being developed in different projects at the Genetics and Plant Breeding Program: Plant Genetic Resources, Plant Breeding and Genomic Analysis. Each research line covers major topics as listed below.


Plant Genetic Resources

1.    Acquisition, conservation, characterization and evaluation of annual crops’ germplasm;

2.    Acquisition, conservation, characterization and evaluation of perennial crops’ germplasm;

3.    Germplasm Conservation using tissue culture methodologies;

4.    Genetic relationships between cultivated and wild species using cytomolecular approaches;


Plant Breeding

1.    Breeding for disease resistance;

2.    Perennial species breeding;

3.    Cereals, grains and biofuel Breeding;

4.    Special corn breeding;

5.    Horticultural breeding;


Genomic Analysis

1.    Proteomics and metabolomics applied to plant breeding;

2.    Genomics applied to plant breeding;

3.    DNA markers applied to plant breeding;

4.    Biochemistry of the plant pathogen interaction;