The International and Institutional Affairs Advisory (acronym ASSAII) is an organ of the UENF Rectorate responsible for the institutional management of covenants and cooperation agreements with other national and international institutions in the areas of undergraduate, graduate and extension.

ASSAII was created to accompany and expand the insertion of UENF in the international and national scenario due to the process of applying teaching, research and extension activities. Founding member of the International Relations Network of Rio de Janeiro Higher Education Institutions – REARI, ASSAII is inserted in the Office of the Vice-Rector of  UENF.

ASSAII, through our International Office, searches, identifies and disseminates opportunities for partnerships abroad, including calls for scholarships and studies abroad; works with diplomatic representations and international organizations in order to promote cooperation and exchange programs for UENF civil servants and students; establishes contacts and agreements with international institutions to expand the offer of cooperation and research projects, exchange and training programs abroad; assists UENF students interested in studying abroad; manages the mobility of servers and students in Outgoing and Incoming modalities; provides assistance to foreign students studying at UENF; advises professors on the development of agreements with foreign teaching and research institutions; acts in the processing of academic agreements, and promotes events inside and outside our campuses.

ASSAII does not translate documents for students or professors.