The Graduate Civil Engineering Program (PPGEC) has two areas of study: Structures and Geotechnical Engineering, including four lines of research involving eight projects. The main goal of the PPGEC is to train masters and doctoral students that are qualified to:

– Support the training of human resources qualified in structural and geotechnical engineering, with general knowledge of civil construction and construction materials, given the urgent need for qualified engineers, teachers and researchers;

– Devise solutions and technologies compatible with the physical and social reality of Brazil, and especially that of the Northern and Northeastern regions of Rio de Janeiro state, Southern Espírito Santo state and the forest zone of Minas Gerais state;

– Acquire knowledge about the behavior of conventional materials, particularly those specific to certain regions, aimed at construction projects and the rational and economical use of these materials;

– Develop theoretical, numerical and experimental models to analyze problems related to concrete and steel structures and those made of non-conventional materials, especially maritime structures and metallic towers;

– Develop optimal theoretical models and design techniques in terms of dimensions, shapes and topologies of steel and reinforced concrete structures in order to obtain mechanically efficient, low-cost structures;

– Conduct studies for geotechnical engineering and structures, especially those related to deepwater maritime structures (anchoring systems and pipelines), using numerical methods;

– Perform advanced physical modeling studies, especially in offshore areas involving true scale and reduced scale models using a geotechnical centrifuge;

– Develop techniques for the rational use of energy via interaction between deep foundation elements and local geothermal conditions, aimed at helping the country meet the Montreal Protocol goal, namely a drastic decrease in hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) used in air conditioning systems.


Program: Graduate Civil Engineering Program

Code: 3103301612P4

Basic Area: Civil Engineering

School Term: Semesters