Master and Doctoral level’s Post-Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PPGECM) activities at the State University of Northern Rio de Janeiro started in 1994. The PPGECM/UENF’s aim is to form qualified human resources at master’s and doctoral degree, as well as to contribute significantly to the North and Northwest Fluminense regions technical-scientific development and innovation, especially regarding materials technology. The importance of this proposal stems from the fact that despite the enormous potential for human and material resources, this region is considered the least developed in state of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, the PPGECM’s main goal is to become a factor of regional development, directing its training and research activities to productive activities contribution, through the transfer of new technologies and improvement of processes, while preparing staff to lead innovative initiatives.

To accomplish the goals, the PPGECM / UENF act both academically and administratively, with the following actions:

– Training of master and doctors with solid foundations in Engineering and Materials Science to face the current challenges of materials science and technology in modern society.

– Training of masters and doctors to develop teaching, research and extension activities, besides valuing interdisciplinary and team work, with intellectual independence.

– Training of masters and doctors with skills to solve engineering and materials science regional problems, mainly in the North and Northwest regions of Rio de Janeiro.

– Development of engineering and materials science innovative and multidisciplinary research.

– Deepening of modern studies on engineering and materials science on a regional, national and international scale.

– Development of original technical-scientific studies that identify PPGECM / UENF as a reference research center in engineering and materials science.

Master’s and Doctoral courses of PPGECM-UENF scored 4 in the 2013-2016 quadrennium CAPES evaluation. Since its implementation until July 2020, the PPGECM / UENF trained 267 masters and 142 doctors.